Bisexual Dilemma

{March 9, 2009}   The L Word finishes off the B word…

So the L Word is over (finally) … Sunday marked the death rattle of a show that has outlasted its available plot lines. Or perhaps the writers and director just made poor choices… who knows? Regardless many lesbifriends are irate over the finale and the number of loose ends and unrequited relationships it has left in its wake. On that note, I may as well throw in my two cents. Ilene Chaiken announced months ago that there would be an L Word spinoff based around the Alice character called “The Farm” … apparently this will take place in prison… yes, a lesbian prison drauma. If your mind went where mine just did I see we share similar apprehensions. Regardless, here is my concern. At the beginning of the series (though few actually remember it) Alice was bisexual. For a chronology of just when that stopped see here:

Before I have tried to overlook this (expected) turn of events because honestly its not worth getting upset at a show explicitly labeled as being for lesbians and the lesbian community … anyone interested in the antipathy within the lesbian feminist community towards bisexuals please message me and I’ll forward you a fascinating article about it. Furthermore, the show has done little to conceal its’ own biases towards bisexuality and negative stereotypic representation within its’ characters. However, that is besides the point here…

By explicitly targeting Alice for this new lesbian drauma Showtime, Chaiken, and her whole artistically incestuous team are actively promoting the erasure of bisexual identity. Such an endeavor is unacceptable. The bisexual community will hopefully be outraged by this … all four of them. Okay its a few more than four; however, bisexual advocates lack the power and capacity to be effective because of this very same bisexual erasure as an invisible identity.

[…] a weird. What do I identify as then? Am I straight, lesbian, or bisexual like Alice Pieczecki, whose sexual identity was basically erased as the L-Word evolved? (Yes, ok. I’m still distrurbed by the last episode! Can you blame me?) […]

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