Bisexual Dilemma

{September 25, 2008}   Visi-Bi-Lity — in academic research!

In response to an email I received through the university LGBTQ listserv (included at the end) I have sent the following email to the American Psychological Foundation. Perhaps I have worded it too viscerally, but I am fed up…

To whom it may concern,

I received the following announcement regarding the social science grant from your office through the — LGBTQ listserv and felt the need to respond. As a bisexual, social scientist, and former member of the APA I find it appalling that this endeavor is so narrowly limited to “homosexuality” to the extent that it only mentions bisexuality once and not at all as a keyword or possible focus. Furthermore, when bisexuality is mentioned it is done so in a manner that makes the assumption it is included within this umbrella term of “homosexuality”, which I am sure you are aware it most certainly is not. Frankly, given the support the APA has given to recent bisexual research I am curious how you could possibly have made this offensive oversight and contributed to the erasure of bisexual identity in academic research.

Please either include bisexuality equally as a focus of this grant, or don’t include it at all. The latter is preferable to propagating the stigma that bisexuality is not its own individual and legitimate sexual identity and orientation. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Katherine -. ———

<lists academic pedigree>

Title Wayne F. Placek Large Grants URL for more info
Sponsor American Psychological Association (APA)
American Psychological Foundation (APF)
Sponsor Type Professional Society or Association
Amount $65,000 Amount Note
Deadline Mar 09, 2009
Deadline Note Anticipated deadline. A deadline for the next cycle has not been confirmed. The record will be updated when new program information becomes available.
Activity Location Unrestricted
Citizenship or Residency Unrestricted
Requirements Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
Abstracts The Wayne F. Placek Grants to encourage scientific research to increase the general public’s understanding of homosexuality and to alleviate the stress that gay men and lesbians experience in this and future civilizations. The grant programs support empirical research from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences. Proposed research may deal with any topics related to lesbian, gay, or bisexual issues. Proposals are solicited in the category of Large Grants.
Proposals are especially encouraged for empirical studies that address the following topics:
1. Heterosexuals’ attitudes and behaviors toward lesbians and gay men, including prejudice, discrimination, and violence
2. Family and workplace issues relevant to lesbians and gay men
3. Subgroups of the lesbian and gay population that have historically been underrepresented in scientific research less..
Eligibility All applicants (including co-investigators) must have a doctoral degree at the time of application and must be affiliated with a college, university, or research institute that meets U.S. federal requirements for administering research awards.
Applicants who are currently conducting research funded by a large Placek grant are not eligible to apply for a small grant.
All research involving human subjects must have been approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) from the Principal Investigator’s institution when the application is submitted. Applications lacking IRB approval at the time they are submitted will not be eligible for consideration. less..
COS Keywords Gender Issues
Homosexual, Female
Homosexual, Male
Social Sciences
Funding Type Research
Sponsor Contact Info less..
Address Wayne F. Placek Award
American Psychological Foundation
750 First Street, NE
City Washington
Province/State District of Columbia
Zip 20002-4242
Country United States
Phone +1 (202) 336-5814
Fax +1 (202) 336-5812
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Modern Girl says:

Good for you!!

As a fellow psychology PhD student, who is just coming to terms with her bisexuality, I really appreciate this. I found your blog through the “bi and monogamy” post, and I really liked it. I feel you are so right on so much of it, the people who are in monogamous relationships deal with things differently and go invisible, and the people who deal with their bisexaulity through dualism and polyamory and three-somes are the ones that never shut up about it.

When I first discovered that is how I am, I admitted to myself there has always been signs. But there’s never been signs that I wanted anything outside a monogamous relationship. Yet, when I turned to friends who I knew were “outed” bisexuals, they completely pummelled me with trying to convince me that polyamory is good. I respect what other consenting adults do, and I understanding that we might be biologically wired for polyamory, but I’m psychologically wired for monogamy – meaning I would get far to jealous or overprotective for that to work, and I would get emotionally burned out with more than one “significant” person in my life!!

So thank you so much for having this blog.

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